Raglan sleeves, knitting sleeves in the round

Hi. This is my second knitting project and I have come unstuck. I don’t have circular needles so am using double points. I am at the sleeve stage and unstuck. The pattern says: Slip the 27stitches from one sleeve stitch holder onto size 15 double points, place the first and last stitch onto scrap yarn. 25 sts. Join in the round and place marker to mark beginning of round. Work in st st for 6 1⁄2”. Then, work in seed stitch for 3 1⁄2”. Bind off evenly.

I have picked up the 25 stitches onto three needles but not sure what “join in the round” means. So I just knitted the first knit row for st st but what I don’t understand is how do I start off the purl row? If I turn the knitting around, then I won’t have a joined up sleeve but will end up having to sew up an underarm seam.

To work stockinette in the round you will only knit sts. Once you’re knit the last stitch on the first row (needle 3), continue knitting with stitch one (needle 1). That’ll connect the last stitch of the round with the first stitch and the sleeve will be started in the round. Continue with the knit stitch only until you have the desired length.

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Thank you so much. Just caught up with my knitting this evening and now forging ahead again.