Raglan sleeve - that funny little stitch

I am making a baby sweater with a raglan sleeve and wondering how to do the decreases on the edge of the body of the sweater. You know that little stitch on the front and back that says “raglan” :knitting:

Thank you

Raglan is just the name for the shoulder and sleeve construction. The ‘raglan decreases’ are simply k2tog or ssk that make the edge.

What’s the name of the pattern? We might be able to explain a little better knowing which one it is.

The Little Sublime book P24. Babies who lunch. I can’t seem to get my k2 decrease to look nice and neat. Any suggestions?

They’ll often even out when you wash or block the item. If you can post a picture, that would help us. Do you knit combined? That’s where you’d normally knit into the back leg of the stitch. In which case you might need to do ssk instead of k2tog and k2tog instead of ssk.

This may be a link to the pattern. It looks like the pattern is knit in pieces and sewn together. The comments in the projects also read that way. You might try putting the decreases one or two stitches in from the edges. Then when you seam, they should line up nicely. As Sue mentioned, blocking may help even them out too. There’s videos for k2tog and ssk on the Glossary tab at the top of the page in case you’d like to see.
It’s a darling sweater that will look adorable on the baby!