Raglan sleeve shape

Hi, It’s me again! Another question or I should say, problem…My instructions only said to “decrease at each end”…I knitted together the very last two stitches…was this right? Somehow the shape looks like a child’s drawing of a christmas tree…!! Thanks

did you knit 2 stitches when you started the row as well? Because if you did you are on the right track!!

Yes, I did knit the first two together,also. It’s just that when I look at other patterns for raglan sleeves, it seems that I’m doing something wrong. This pattern is very confusing for me. It was printed in the UK and I wonder if that has something to do with it…they might use different terminology! Thanks again!

You might find that it looks better if, when you get to the last three stitches, you k2tog and then knit the last stitch as normal.

For the decreases at the beginning, k1 then k2tog.

It just makes the edges look better.

Thanks for all who responded to my questions. I finished the back of the sweater and it didn’t look right. So I went back to the knitting store and sure enough, it wasn’t! So, it had to be all ripped out and now I have to start again…Who said this was relaxing??? LOL… I wasn’t alone in being confused with the instructions though…a couple of knitters in this forum misinterpreted them, too…In addition, my friend who is an experienced knitter read the instructions the same way! I consider myself to be in excellent company by reading them wrong!!!