Raglan sleeve question

Ok, I’m working on a raglan sweater, and I think there is a problem with the directions for the sleeves. First of all, I’m only a little over halfway done with the increases and I’m already over the length they say it’s supposed to be at the end of the increase section. Their diagram shows the raglan decreases beginning after 15 inches. That doesn’t seem right to me. The sleeve is only a little above my elbow at 15 inches. Shouldn’t raglan shaping start closer to the armpit?

I’m a little confused. You mention raglan increases and decreases. Is this from the top down or the bottom up? I envision top down increasing and bottom up decreasing. Where is the pattern from?

Oops, sorry. It’s from the bottom up. I guess to simplify my question, where should raglan decreasing start on a sleeve? At the armpit? According to their measurements, it starts at the elbow. That seems like an error to me. :??

Unless its a short sleeved sweater, then I agree with you. I’d probably knit to the armhole and start the decreases from there.

Thanks! That’s what I assumed, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Well this can’t be right. :?? The sleeve is huge! Maybe it will work better once it’s seamed. It just does not look right though. Ugh.

Where you have your lifeline is from the middle of the armpit all the way around to meet under the ampit again, and from there it goes over the shoulder and up to the neck, so it’s the right shape. Hard to tell how big it is in the photo, though. It may look big because it’s such a different shape.

Yeah, now that I think about it it is probably right. I’ll let ya know once I put it together!