Raglan sleeve pattern help

Hi all,

I need help in figuring out a pattern. I have a raglan sleeve pattern, which SHOWS the sleeve increasing out for the upper arm, but the pattern doesn’t say ANYTHING about what to do. It just has you cast on 48 stitches and work 15". Then Shape raglan top same as back. I know these 48 stitches are not large enough for the upper arm, but not sure how much to increase. Would anyone know? I’m not sure why patterns don’t have this kind of information. Thanks in advance for any help. I have the body of the sweater done.

If you don’t think 48 sts is wide enough, add a stitch on both sides of the row every 2" or so. Do you have a picture or link to the pattern?


Thanks, unfortunately, the pattern was out of a very old magazine so I don’t have a link. The sleeve, looks like a regular raglan sleeve, and the picture showing the ‘shape’ of the pieces has it angled evenly up from the cuff to where one would start shaping the armhole, just nothing about how. Even if it had had ‘increase to a certain number from the 48 stitches’, I could have figured out how to divide that evenly, but nothing. From 48 stitches, how many do you think I would need to increase this to? I am making a size 38 (L) for a man’s sweater.

Measure a sweater the right size at the widest part of the sleeve (usually at the underarm) and multiply the inches by the sts/inch you’re getting and you should arrive at about the right number. Or look at similar men’s patterns and see how many sts or inches are shown for that size.

Here’s a pattern for a man’s raglan sweater, maybe you can use it to help with your shaping.

I’m knitting a raglan sweater too. My pattern says to increase one stitch at the 1st and next-to-last stitch every 1".