Raglan Sleeve! Help!


I am knitting my first sweater. It’s a baby sweater with raglan sleeves. I purchased a sweater finishing DVD, but it doesn’t address raglan sleeves.

My question is, how do I attach the sleeves to the body of the sweater? Which directions on the DVD can I follow? The options are “Set-in Sleeves: Right Sides Together,” Set-in Sleeves, Wrong Sides Together," and “Drop Shoulder Sleeves: Pick up and Knit.”

Thanks for your help.

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Hi, Jan. No, the pattern came from a Debbie Bliss book from the library.

In the pattern do they tell you to pick up sts for the sleeves…or do you knit the sleeves seprate?

The sleeves are knit separate from the body.

I’m not sure which one you would use on the dvd…I think you could just match the arm holes up with the sleeves and use Mattress stitch though…I tried to google around and see…I’ve never made a sweater where I had to attach them seprate…usually I just pu sts from the arm and work down…

Hereis Amy’s video on mattress stitch (ya might have to scroll down a bit)…:thumbsup:

ohh I found thisthat shows some tips…it might help some

Thanks, Dustinac. I’m sure that I can use your info. I appreciate your help!!!