Raglan shaping of arm holes

Hi, is there anyone who could help me with this, the patter I am looking at, for both the back and front panels of a jumper, starts of the ‘armhole shaping’ section as follows:

"cast off 4 sts. beg. next 2 rows. Now beg. raglan shaping as follows -

1st row: k2 k2 tog. tbl Patt. to last 4 sts. K2 tog. k2

2nd row: k1. p2. Patt. to last 3 sts. p2. K1.

rep. these 2 rows until 58 sts. remain at end of a right side row. now dec. 1st at each end of every row as follows"

Most of this is fine, but I’m confused about the last part, “repeating until 58 stitches remain”… can anyone explain this?


You’re going to repeat those two rows, which will reduce the number of stitches you have by two every other row because of those two k2tog decreases.

For instance, if you start with 70 stitches, you’ll have 68 left after the first time you work those two rows, 66 on the next repeat, then 64, 62 and 60.

The next time you work the first row with its decreases you’ll have 58 stitches left. That must be a right-side row, so follow the directions from there.

Thank you for this, it ended up making sense after i thought it throughout for longer…i have another question, if you’d be able to help? It from the beginning of the piece where you increase the stitches from the waistband before starting the main work. There is 112 stitches originally that have been ribbed then the pattern reads as follows:

“12th row: inc. as follows: - rib 16 inc. in next st. *rib 6 inc. in next st. **rep. *to ** 10 times more. rib to end. 124 sts.”

the way I’m reading it is, repeat “rib 6 inc. in next st” 10 times which would add 12 stitches bringing the total to 124? do you know if this is correct?


You’d need to repeat the “rib 6 inc in next st” [I]11[/I] [I]times[/I]. That’ll increase 11sts and with the one inc before the repeat, give you the 12sts needed.