Raglan shaping notes over my head!

Hello. I am knitting a top down sweater. I am at shaping the yoke. Markers all set. The shaping notes chart is so confusing, though. For my size, it says for back and front, “Every row/rnd increase 12, every other row/rnd increase 24, every 4 rows increase 0”. For sleeves, every row/Rnd increase 4, every other row/Rnd increase 28, and every 4 rows/Rnd increase 0.

If I’m using 4 markers, I can see how I am increasing a total of 8 each Round. Where do I find 16? Am I increasing 2 on each side of the markers? And what about 24 and 28 every other row? How does that happen? I just don’t get this? Can anyone help?

Hi and welcome to KH.

Can you link to the pattern or give the name and where it’s found? That would make it easier to decipher.

It is a Vermont Designs pattern, number 166. You can see the photo on their website. www.vermontfiberdesigns.com. It’s the top down half zip pullover. I purchased it, so I can’t forward you a link. I’ll type up what they say about shaping…

"Each pair of markers marks a 3 st wide raglan shaping column, which separates the sleeves from the front and back. All increases are worked on either side of the markers, not within the markers.

Raglan leave shaping will be worked at slightly different rates from raglan front nd back shaping. Shaping instructions for each section are given sepeartely in the Chart, but all sections are worked at the same time. Working front, sleeve, and back shaping at the same time, work the number of Every Row/Rnd increases shown, then the number of Every Other Row/Rnd increases, then the number of Every 4 Rows/Rnds increases. You should finish the back, front, and sleeve shaping at the same time.

Specific increases are used for working on the right or left side of the raglan column, and on the RS or WS row. Note that sometimes you will work an increase on both sides of the raglan column, and sometimes on only one side or the other, depending on which sections you are shaping on that row.

Does this help you to help me? Thank you !

I noticed that there seemed to be different increase rates for the body and sleeve stitches and I think that’s what it refers to. Some rows you’ll be adding 8, some rows only 4, and maybe this part “Every row/rnd increase 12, every other row/rnd increase 24” means to do them until you have added 12 or 24 stitches to each section. Or it may refer to how many increase rows you do in that manner.

eta - If you’re not a member of ravelry.com yet, it may be an idea to join and see if you can find the pattern. There may be finished projects of it, or forum posts about the pattern where you can ask.