Raglan pullover

HI there, I am knitting for the first time a raglan pullover for my son. I followed the instructions to the tee. My problem is that the neck is too small my for son to pull down his head. I removed few rows but it is still tight. Now i have come down to the row where i did the first BO of the stitches.The next row would be to decrease the raglan decrease to widen the neck circle. IS there a way around this problem.

thank you.

Hi and welcome to KH.

So sorry to hear you’re having problems with the fit! Could you link to a pattern or at least give us the name of it? That will give the pros here a chance to see what can be done to help you.


You could take out the decrease round (or two of them) and just knit it to the length you want with no more decs, then BO the neck.

I am using The knitters handy book of sweater patterns by ANN BUdd ( book of basic designs in multiple gauges and sizes).

Thank you for uick reply

That’s exactly what i was thinking. I am going to try now and will post if i get it correct

Thanks for quick reply.

Would it make sense to try a larger needle for the rows that have to be redone? Do make sure to use a loose bind off.

Taking it down a few rows will help and GG is right, a stretchy bind off is a good idea.

Here’s a link to one but there are several out there if you Google: stratchy bind off.

Thanks Ladies for your input. I did undo few rows and also removed one raglan decrease and the i was able to slip the pullover over the neck. I changed the needle size to one up to US 11 from US 10 1/2. for bindoff.
My son loves his pullover.