Raglan pattern is not working


I have knitted the back of a sweater for my gd. However, it is not long enough in the shaping for the shoulders/neck. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me chart this? thank you for your help.


Is this a pattern on line, or if not, what book is it from?

Or what are the directions for the decreases?

The pattern is from Paton’s Back to Basic’s II, pg 42. The problem.
The directions say to cast off 2 sts beginning next 2 rows and then to–oh there is my problem. I will just have to learn to read and follow the pattern. I was supposed to decrease one row on each end and then on the 5th row, do the same again and then decrease 2 sts every knit row until I have 23 sts left for the neck.

What I did was decrease every knit row right after I began decreasing for the armhole.

Thank you for responding. Hopefully I won’t need to ask for more help.