Raglan Lace Pattern Question

Well, came across a cute cardigan pattern in Knitscene magazine and thought I’d start it. I’m not real fond of lace patterns because I seem to get lost in them, but I really like this pattern. I have a question though…When increasing in a raglan pattern that has a lace repeat section, what do I do with the extra stitches as I increase? Do I just tag them on to the end of the row, begin a new set of repeat lace portion, split the stitches between beginning and end of row??? The pattern doesn’t explain this and I’ve ended up with extra stitches so far. I want to find out before I keep going with this pattern.

Thanks anyone who can help

Depending on the pattern, you can either work those extra stitches in stockinette until you have enough for a repeat, or add stitches in pattern if that looks better with the lace.

So after the first increase, you’d work the next section like this:

Lets say you have an 8-stitch repeat, you’ve been working along on stitches 1-8. After the increases around the raglan edges, you’d work them


on the next row the stitches around the markers would be

Clear enough?

Thanks, it does make sense…I stepped away from it for a few days to think it over. I think this is the only way to do it.

Thanks so much for your help.