Raglan Increases

Quick question… if I start out with 6 knit stitches on RS of my raglan sweater and then have a marker at each end of those 6 stitches and if I am doing a YO before and after each marker and then purl the WS…when I get back to the RS to knit again, I will have 8 stitches, yes (I made 2 increases in that section?)


If you’re increasing before AND after each marker, and you have 2 markers…


In other words, you’ll have two stitches increased in each section between markers, unless you’re doing a cardigan, then you’d have one on each front panel.

That is what I thought but was, for some reason (oh yeah, I’m a newbie), was doubting myself. I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer this simple math question that I probably shouldn’t have had to ask…

My brain just sometimes doesn’t work, ya know? Wait, what am I saying “sometimes”? My brain NEVER works!:roflhard: