Raglan how to add stitches under arm?

I’m making this:


For my 14yo son (a raglan sweater) and the instructions say:

[INDENT]When the raglan equals the raglan measurement, slip the sleeve stitches on to a holder (or a piece of yarn) and remove the B markers. Add one inch of stitches under the arm.[/INDENT]

But I don’t know how or where to add the stitches. What kind of increase or cast-on should I use? Do I add 1" total, so 1/2" each side, or 1" each side?

Thanks for the help in advance! :slight_smile:

You slip the sleeve stitches to holders as you come to them on each side, it is right at that place where you would add the stitches.

You knit part of the round so you have some stitches on the right hand end of the circular, put the sleeve stitches on the holder when you come to them, then I think I would exchange the needles in my hands and use a cable (or knit cast on) cast on worked into what is now the first stitch on the left hand needle. Cast on the number of stitches you are getting to the inch. Then exchange the needles in your hands again and continue on around to the next sleeve and do the same thing.