Raglan Decreases


Hi there,

I’m making the Aquamarline by Park Williams, linked below, which is a bottom-up raglan. I decided to knit the sleeves in the size small, and the body in the size large, as I didn’t want it to be so cropped. I’ve joined the body and sleeves and decreased the sleeves to the final stitch count, but I still have to decrease the front and back 6 more stitches on each side.

My question is: if I only decrease at the body raglan, and not the sleeve, will that mess up the look of the raglans? Should I continue to decrease the sleeve raglans, and maybe just do a central double increase in the middle of the sleeve, in order to keep the stitch count the same, but still maintain the look of the raglan? I’m not sure how that’ll look, so let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!


Are you decreasing for the raglan on every other round? Can you space out the decreases so that you decrease more frequently for the body than for the sleeves, for example, dec every round on the body and every other on the sleeves?



Thanks for your response! I’m decreasing every other round, yes. I suppose I could do that, though I’d have to rip back and start over at the beginning of the decreases, which I’m not particularly keen on :rofl: I’m already about 30 rows in.

I’m wondering though, if you did something like that, what would the raglans look like? This is my first joined raglan sweater (I’ve only done seaming before), so I’m not sure if decreasing on different rounds would mess up that nice diagonal line you get from the two stitches being decreased right by one another?


Why don’t you try it on a swatch? I’ve never been in quite this situation before myself but it’s the approach I would take.
You probably wouldn’t need to do it for every round. You could distribute the extra increase rounds along the raglan.


That’s probably a good idea :slight_smile: thanks for your help, I appreciate it!


Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing!