Raglan Decreases - Size Question

Hi there,

I’m knitting the Aquamarline by Park Williams (parknknit). I decided to cast on the sleeves in the size small, and the body in the size large, for a more cozy fit. As I’m joining the sleeves and the body, I’m wondering: do you think I should knit the raglans according to the size small, or the large? Or the medium? :joy: I currently have 252 stitches on my needles – the small would have 228 stitches, the medium 244, and the large would have 260.

I already added a couple inches of length to the body (I want it to hit right above my hip, rather than being cropped), so I’m worried that the large raglans will add too much length, if I do that. Should I just rip back the body a couple rounds, and then knit the raglans as specified for the large?

I hope this made some sense! Let me know, if not :slight_smile: I appreciate any and all help.