Raglan Decreases on back of jumper

Hi, I am a newbie to this site. I am attempting my first full size jumper for me. My pattern says decrease one stitch at each end of every row for ## rows.
Can anyone tell me what stitches to do to enable my “slants” to both face inwards at each end of my rows.
I have read about… k2tog, k2tog tbl, ssk, s1,k1,psso etc but am not sure which two instructions to use at either end of my rows, on both knit and pearl.

SSK and sl k1 psso (skp) are pretty much the same dec, just done differently. Those slant left or , k2tog slants right or /. So to have them facing the center of the piece do a ssk/skp at the beg of the row and k2tog at the end for knit rows. To dec on a purl row (which doesn’t show a slant on the purl side, but it does on the knit side) p2tog at the beg of the row (looks like k2tog at the end of the knit row) and ssp at the end (will look like ssk at the beg of the knit row).

wow that was quick. I will give it a try right now. thanks so much for your help.