Raglan decrease?

This is long but if anyone can help, I’d be so appreciative:
I am making a sweater for the first time…there are 48 stitches on the needle; then the instructions read:
“on next row knit 13, k2tog, slip center 18 to holder, join new ball and k2tog, knit across until 4 stitches remain and k2tog, k2” There were 15 sts on each side of the center 18
At this point, there are 14st on one side, 18 in center and 13 on other side.
Here’s where I am confused…"Working both sides at once, continue raglan decrease as established 9 more times and AT SAME TIME decrease 1 st at each neck edge ever;y knit row 3 MORE times. Work until 2 stitches remain on each side. End having just worked row 2. Slip sts to safety pin.
The raglan decrease is row1: knit till 4sts remain, k2tog, k2
row2: purl till 4 sts remain, p2tog, p2
I’ve tried working this out on paper and just don’t get it…Thanks for any help at all!!


Continue your raglan decreases at the arm edge as you have been.

As you are doing that, decrease at the neck edge when you are doing a knit side 3 times. So you’d knit across, decrease at the neck edge; using the other strand decrease at that neck edge, work across and do your raglan dec. Then purl across the first side, purl to the end of the other side and do your raglan dec there.

I may have started you on the wrong side, but hopefully you’ll get the general idea.

Thank you so much for this…i’ll let you know how i do! :happydance:

do i do the raglan 9 times without decreasing the neck edge until beginning the 10th row…it would look like this:
p,k,p,k,p,k,p,k,p (raglan 9times)-decreases 5 sts on one side and 4 sts on the other side leaving 9 sts on each side.Then:
k,p,k,p,k,p )decreases 7sts on each sidel with(3 neck edge decreases along with raglan) leaving 2 sts on each side.
hope this makes sense…just want to make sure it’s right before moving on…thanks!!