Raglan decrease - really need help with this pattern


I use knittinghelp as my go to guide, I actually learned how to knit from the videos here, so were else to go when in need of help?

I’m really struggling with this pattern:


It’s a quite straight forward pattern, but I get completely stuck when I get to the Raglan Yoke shaping. I can’t figure out how to follow the instructions on the decreases. Can anyone help me out? I’m happy with a “for dummies” approach as I feel quite ridiculous for not understanding this bit of the pattern.

Thanks a bunch

What exactly is that you’re having trouble understanding? Do you not know how to do the decreases or how to get there?

My problem is this bit:

Start the raglan yoke with 2 rows in stockinette stitch and begin the decreases as follows: first 5 times every 4th row, then 2 times every 2nd row and yet 9 (10) 11 times every 4th row.

Where should I decrease the stitches?

The decrease are k2tog and SSK which are right leaning and left leaning decreases that are shown on the decreases page of videos.
Assemble the sleeves and body on needle with the wrong side facing you…
Row1 purl (because it looks like you finished the body on a knit row)
Row2 knit
Row3 purl
Row4,8,12,16,20, 22,24, knit decrease before and after markers
Repeat decrease row every 4th row 9, 10, or 11 times depending on what size you’re making

Thanks do much! I feel do stupid getting stuck at this but as I was translating from English to Portuguese I just couldn’t get that part.

It’s a little ambiguous even in the English translation but I think it’s the kind of pattern that will work out well.