Raglan decrease on purl row ????

I am new to the forum so forgive me if I get this wrong.
I am knitting a baby cardigan for the first time. At the shaping I am k1 then s1k1, psso, knit to last 3 then k2 tog, k1. All well so far with both decrease stitches facing into the middle. When doing the purl row I am p1, s1p1, psso , purl to the last 3 then I’m stuck. I can’t find a way to make the decrease stitch face inwards. Hope that makes sense . It driving me nuts.

What pattern are you using? A link to your pattern if possible is best. Should this decrease lean left or right on the other side?

The pattern said to k2tog or p2tog but I don’t like that way. I want the stitch to be right leaning in the purl row.

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The way to continue the right leaning decrease formed by k2tog is to work a p2tog on the purl row. For stockenette, that’ll give you a right leaning dec when viewed from the knit side of the stockinette
For a left leaning dec, ssk or skpo gives a left leaning decrease on the knitside. You can continue that left lean by working a purl,2 together tbl (p2tog tbl) on the purlside…

I have never p2tbl before. It’s a bit awkward but gets the right result.

Thank you.