Raglan cardi section st count off

Hi! I knitting my first cardigan - top down, in the round, raglan shaping. Pretty exciting! Q: My increases got a stitch off about 10 rows from the split for sleeve. So my right front section has one too many stitches and the right sleeve section is one stitch short. I am ready to split for the sleeves but not sure how to proceed. Can I just move my marker and pretend it never happened, haha? Im not concerned about fixing it because I don’t think it will be noticeable but Im not sure if this will effect the fit? Any advice? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first cardigan!
What is the name of your pattern?
The effect partly depends on the gauge of your project. If it’s very bulky yarn the difference will be more noticeable than if your yarn is worsted weight or finer.
You can probably get away with the extra stitch in the right front and add in a stitch to the sleeve. When you get near the underarm work an increase near what will become part of the underarm. It’ll be hidden at that point.

Thank you for your warm reply! It’s the Victory Cardigan by Corinne Tomilinson and it’s knit in a worsted/aran weight wool. I really like your idea! I’m literally on the last row before putting the sleeves on barber cord. So if I understand you correctly you’re saying to work one increase now, in the sleeve section.

Yes, if you want you can increase now. I usually pick up more sts at the underarm when it comes time to start knitting the sleeves and then decrease to close to the pattern number. You could also wait and pick up the extra stitch at that point if you like.

I’ve seen this sweater in the Woolly Thistle newsletter. I hope we get to see your version when you finish.

It’s been a fun knit so far! Thanks for your help!