Raglan armhole help!!

Having trouble reading my pattern. Please can anyone explain what this means:

Dec 1 st at beck edge of next 4 rows, then on foll 1 alt rows and at same time Dec 1 st at Reglan armhole edge on 4th and foll 1 alt rows. 2 sts.

These directions are often problems.
Dec 1 stitch on the beck? (back?) edge of rows 1,2,3 and 4 and then on row 6. At the same time dec 1 at the raglan armhole on rows 4 and 6. Two sts should be left on the needle.

Which would be the back edge @salmonmac?

My guess is a typo edge? an autocorrect? or perhaps something new?

I’m thinking “neck” edge since there’s decreasing going on at both sides.

To the original question:
So you’ll be decreasing on the neck edge on Rows 1, 2, 3, 4, then every other row, so Row 6, 8, 10, etc.
On the armhole edge, you’re decreasing on Row 4, then every other row, so Row 6, 8, etc.

That’s actually going to be pretty easy to follow since you’re decreasing at the same rate once you start the armhole.

Yes, neck is much better.
But it’s only on one alt row, so only row 6 needed.

Ah - yes. (Which seems super odd for a raglan, though … .)

I’m wondering if it’s a doll’s sweater? Maybe the OP can help us out.