Racheal Ray Show-Women's subject

Did anyone see those awsome Bras, featured on Racheal Ray’s daytime show? I’m quite busty, and I noticed the women they picked to sample them were just as busty, and they looked really nice and supportive. I was impressed.

Yep… I’m not quite that busty, but that new Spanx bra looks awesome. The backless bra was the winner of the last season of American Inventor.

The backless bra was really impressive, although I will not be going backless unless I lose some serious weight. I still liked it. I want the bra-lellujah, but the one with underwire is $64, and it makes me cringe to think of spending that on a bra. Maybe the price will come down after its been out for a while.

I’m sorry, I just don’t care for Rachael Ray. She totally irritates me. The very mention of her name is like nails down a chalkboard. LOL!

Did it say where you can get the backless bra?I seen it on the inventor show and have been waiting for it to be made.

Thank goodness I finally found someone who agrees with me! I can’t stand her! I was watching one day because there was someone I liked on her show and it was so hard. Ugh. I have an online friend who feels the same way about Oprah and I finally get it. I know how it feels to dislike someone everyone else seems to adore.


I love Rachel Ray:oops: :oops: She’s so perky and energetic. But maybe that’s because I’m old and tired:aww:

I love Rachel Ray She’s so perky and energetic. But maybe that’s because I’m old and tired

I [I]loathe[/I] Rachel Ray. She’s so perky and energetic. But maybe that’s because I’m old and tired! :rofl:


I like her because she’s not afraid to be who she. So many celebs are so fake.

Ditto. She always seems too fake.

Ditto, Ditto. A little too cutesy for her age.

Ok, ok. I’m sorry I brought it up…But I still like her.

This is [I]exactly[/I] why I like her too! She is such a wonderful female role model. If I had a daughter, I’d have no problem with her watching RR. She’s also a great businesswoman. I watched a docu on her the other day. She has really built herself from the ground up.

Ok, I’m done. Just thought I’d chime in because I don’t think she gets enough love! :inlove:

Rachel Ray can be entertaining when you’re in a really good mood and totally irksome most of the rest of the time. She is one of those people who have had a star shining over her head alright… how many cookbooks by her could you possibly need!!! She takes the ugliest stupidest ingredients and throws them around… and voila! more $$$$$$$$ Tony Bourdain certainly has fun mocking her on his show, it’s unbelievable. Well… there’s a rant for you.

It’s just amazing someone can turn hot dogs and macaroni into a television show. :shock:

Don’t know who Rachel Ray is but the bras sound intriguing. For bigger busts I recommend http://www.bravissimo.com/ the clothes are a bit expensive but they’re designed for big boobs. The bras are good too but I wait for a sale!

Rachael Ray is from my neck of the woods - in Upstate NY. She started out doing little cooking segments on the noon news using products from the local grocery store chain (Price Chopper). It’s great to see a hometown girl do good, but she can be a bit much sometimes. I wouldn’t go out of my to watch her, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to NOT watch her either. I guess you could say I’m totally ambivalent towards her.