Racer Back Tank for a KAL?

I saw this in my Lion Brand newsletter:


LOVE. IT. :heart:

Anyone want to knit this along with me? Let’s discuss…

Oh!!! I saw that pattern too and loved it. I’ve got too much going right now, can you give me about 3 weeks.

I don’t have the figure for it, but my sister does.


I love this one, but I have a few WIPs that I would like to finish first. When were you thinking about starting?


I have quite the WIP list too.

How would it be if we start June 1st?

I’ll set myself a reminder to post this out at the KAL forum about mid-May in case others are interested (and just as swamped).

I would love to have some knit buddies in on this one with me
(I’m also probably not going to use ribbon yarn, so it will be interesting to see how this comes out).

RSVP - thanks!

June 1st is a great date. I should be almost finished everything else by then! Count me in.

I’m in!


Alright Tank Toppers!!

I’m going to post this out on the Knit Along thread - jump in and let me know your interest.

I’ve never done this before, but if you have any questions or tips as you’re doing the pattern, let us all know. Also, PM me anytime with questions (I’ll help if I can!)

I’ll be posting my progress on this out on my blog.

See you on the Knit Along thread! :cheering: