Rabbit Proof Scarf

The pattern is from Morehouse Fram, knitted in Misty alpaca lace. Fun, fun, fun to knit, and I cannot say enuf about how soft Misty alpaca is

It looks lovely. What makes it rabbit-proof?

Margrit from Morhouse Farm was inspired to create the pattern while watching the movie Rabbit Proof Fence. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It is set in the time of the English scooping up the abriginal peoples in Australia and trying to “caucasianize” them. Two sisters escape the camp and follow the rabbit-proof fence 1,200 miles to their mamma. (The fence was built to keep the rabbits out of the agriculture area.)

Margrit created small holes in the Rabbit Proof Scarf for the rabbits to escape! I loved knitting it and it will be lovely to wear or give as a gift. I enjoy its story.


Your scarf is gorgeous!
I love the movie, too. :slight_smile:

That is stunning. Love the fact of what it is based on. Wow.

Well Done.

:hug: Sharon

I read the book!! It was terrific, and it was amazing what those girls went through. I love that she based the scarf pattern on their story. :cheering:


Gorgeous :cheering:

Stunning! I love the color & Misti Alpaca is wonderful to knit with!

I have that movie from netflix right now, I really need to watch it!

:heart: thats beautiful

Lovely job! Your scarf looks like a bit of fog that the tree held on to.

psammeadred, how poetic!

Thank you everyone for the lovely compliments

[color=indigo]Wonderful Scarf…loved the movie, too. Well, it was hard to watch and all that, but was a very moving story. Great idea for a scarf.[/color]

That is great! It’s so unique, and I love the story too.