Rabbit Made Me Do It

While talking to Rabbit yesterday, I told her that I would be taking my daughter across the state to her soccer practices. While there, I planned on visiting a nice yarn store, [B]KnitWitz[/B].

Rabbit [I][B]instructed[/B][/I] me to purchase more than two skeins of yarn.

I couldn’t disobey such a marvelous command, could I? :whistle:

Here’s what I got…

Two skeins of Lorna’s Laces, Shepherd Sport. The color is “Georgetown.”

Because Rabbit said to buy [B]MORE[/B] than two skeins, I had to find a third skein of something. Tough job, but I managed…

This is Trekking pro natura, which is a wool/bamboo blend. It’s color #1545.

What a good friend Rabbit is! :eyebrow:

Uh Huh. Sure rabbit told you to do it but nice yarn non the less.

What? You question me?? :fingerwag:

She did, I promise!Crossed Fingers

Ask her, ask her! Hey, maybe she’ll post here and back me up.


Did she have to twist your arm?:teehee:

Yep…right through the phone. :rofl:

She said that since she can’t get out to an LYS, I needed to go for her.

No problem-O, I said. :thumbsup:


Have you got special plans for this yarn?

I think I’ll call Rabbit next time I go to the yarn store! :slight_smile:

I have to warn you I love to enable so it might be detrimental to your bank account if you do.:teehee:
And yes I did tell Chick she had to buy more than 2 skeins of yarn. Next time I might tell her she has to buy 5 :roflhard:


There’s a pattern in this month’s IK – I’ll use the purple yarn for that. The Lorna’s Laces are still waiting for a pattern mate.


(Course, I could always buy Peaches 'n Cream and then send them to you! :roflhard:)

Oh yeah, blame the bunny! :roflhard::roflhard:

I can’t see the first photo, but the other yarn is really nice. :wink:

I can’t see the first one either, but the second one is very pretty!



After experiencing the jos of yarn splurging myself recently I think Rabbit was right to enable you! :yay::teehee: