R2 after cast on looks bad

I have tried several methods of casting on successfully, however, when I knit (or purl) the next row (I’ll call R2) is loose…loopy looking. I can continue knitting R3 on and my
knitting/tension looks fine. Can anyone help me with this if
my description is clear? I can’t start a new project until I can figure this out. Thanks

That actually is row 1, the cast on is not counted as a row. Which methods have you tried? The backward loop co really isn’t a good one to start a project with as it becomes loopy and messy when you knit into it. The knit CO is somewhat better, though it can be loose looking to. The cable and longtail COs are much better for giving you a firmer edge.

Using long tail CO. The ‘edge’ that it produces looks good. If I continue to knitting garter or stockinette stitch for a few rows then my knitting looks fine except for the holes (loose) area between that edge and the first row. I actually made a few scarves last winter (first projects) and did not have this problem. Thanks for trying to help out.

Yep, usually the co and first few rows don’t look like much of anything, but after the item has some length to it, it starts looking better. Washing or blocking after you’re done will help even out sts and edges quite a lot too.