Quite Possibly The Scariest Knitted Item Ever!

So, I was looking around for a cute little stuffed cat pattern as my daughter really wants me to knit her one for Christmas. I went to Knitting Pattern Central and started clicking on the cat related links…when I clicked on this one:



Man, does that thing look rabid or what?! That would give ME nightmares! :teehee:

Ya - that’s a bit creepy for kids’ toy… IMHO

that reminds me of Roland the Rat or a zombie cat.

Very rabid indeed…not something I’d get for any of my nieces or nephews.

Though…if it was white and maybe with more pointy teeth and longer ears, it could be the Rabbit With Pointy Teeth from Monty Python.

Monty Python Rabbit

Maybe a bit rabid, but kids love that stuff. :teehee:

Here’s a few cute free ones that aren’t scary.

I just saw this dog… couldn’t he be turned into a cat with cat ears? He’s pretty cute with the patches and all.

These were all found on Rav so you can look at them there, too. :thumbsup:

I showed DH and he called its bit demonic and I have to agree

I always thought that was freaky too! Like a vampire kitty or something. Too scary for me!!!

From the front it doesn’t look so bad to me, but from the side . . . :shock:

That first photo looks pretty freaky! I thought I was looking at long, snaggly teeth – and then they turned out to be whiskers.

Pretty funny!

I thought I was looking at long, snaggly teeth – and then they turned out to be whiskers.

That happened to me, too.

But, it’s not scary. I think is an awesome pattern.


What the…? That is creepy and scary all rolled into one! Crescary!!!



Thats just nasty. Definatly not something id knit for my son.

I dont get why someone would want to knit something like that

I found this on Ravelry, and I just thought the expression on the cat’s face was hilarious http://www.christinelandry.com/?p=5
These are more along the lines of what you were looking for!

You think that’s scary?

Check this out! (Sorry, I can never get the YouTube function to work on the boards.)

Scary Knitting

I just finished knitting a Killer bunny…


:roflhard: That killer bunny is awesome!!! That may possibly be one of the most awesome knitted things I’ve seen…lol…See, I think what makes that cat I posted so creepy is the fact it’s NOT supposed to be creepy!

That is very true! I don’t think it was meant to be smiles

Good grief…

Wow…that is so creepy…poor kid