Quilting and sewing books for sale or trade

Hi I received some books from my aunt who got them from a friend. I don’t quilt so I’d like to sell them. I know many people here are dabblers in many different crafts so I thought I try here. These books are in very good condition. Some of these I was able to look up on amazon so we can come up with a price from there. I would either like money via money order or trade for yarn, knitting books…just ask! Just click on each book title to read more about them on amazon. For those that don’t have reviews, I’ll describe them.

[B]Stash-buster Quilts: Time-saving Designs for Fabric Leftovers (Paperback) Amazon Price From: $16.49[/B]

[B]Fun & Fabulous Pillows to Sew: 15 Easy Designs for the Complete Beginner(Hardcover and Spiral-bound Amazon Price: From $10.17[/B]

[B] Scrap Quilts - Techniques Plus Patterns Old And New For Making Quilts From Collected Fabrics (Paperback) Amazon Price: From $18.75
[/B]This book has many color photographs of quilts you can make from scraps in your stash. There are patterns for star, flower, circle etc. quilts.

[B]Grandma’s Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks (Hardcover and Spiral-bound) Amazon Price: From $26.56[/B]

[B]Better Homes and Gardens America’s Heritage Quilts (Hardcover)[/B]
Includes tons of color photos and patterns from different eras in American History. From the Independence to the Great Depression to Modern Day, this book is a great resource and explains many different stitches.

[B]Quilts in a Hurry (Paperback)[/B]
A booklet with pictures and templates. 44 pages.

[B]Just For Baby (Paperback)[/B]
A ColorPoint Paint Stitching book with 8 pages of templates of different animals ie cat, bunny, puppy, bear etc. Explains how to apply the paint fron the bottle to fabric also care instructions.

Patchworker’s HOW-TO Book (Paperback)
18 pages, full sized templates included with complete step-by-step instructions for machine and hand sewing. Featuring the Old Glories quilt by Ruth Bell.

[B]Christmas Quilts From the editors of Quilt World Magazine (Paperback and Magazine)[/B] From 1987.
This is 64 pages. Features holiday quilts hawaiian snowflakes plus scores of christmas quilting ideas.

[B]Quilting for People Who Don’t Have Time to Quilt (Paperback)[/B]
44 pages. Features self-teaching projects. This is Book One: Sew-Before-You-Cut Patchwork. A book for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Explains about what fabric to use and quilting in general.

[B]Log Cabin Quilts (Hardcover)[/B] Amazon price from: $16.47