Quik question on joining in the round

It may be a lot to hope for, but… hopeing. I am joining a sweater in the round. I know that to do that you knit the first stitch, but my problem is… I cast on with color A, and then I am to k3p1, but color A is for the purls, and color B is for the knits, so how do I join the first stitch in the round with a new color right off the bat. HELP!!! :help:

Just knit 3 with color B and pull the ends of the needles together so you can purl with A.

I started to do that, but then thought it would leave a gap in the bottom. So that won’t matter ?

Disclaimer: New knitter here, someone else will undoubtedly know the correct answer.

I’d use the joining method shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ajp0QUWYkk (essentially, you are trading places with the first and last stitches) to lessen any gaps, then you can adjust the stitches with the loose yarn ends after you knit another round. Now I’ll have wait to see what the right answer is.

GrumpGrandma, that does seem like it would work. Suzeeq, what do you think ??

I really appreciate everyone’s help.

You can close up any gap with the tail of either yarn, whichever color will look better.

OK, that makes sense too. The video that GrumpyGrandma had may have worked too, but I’ll go with closing with the leftover thread.

I may be biting off a lot, but doing my first fair isle sweater, and I had to choose one that is on size 2 needles, with fingering weight yarn, that I also have never used. And a steeked neckline, (once I get that far.

Thanks a ton for your help. I really appreciate it. :muah:

If you didn’t do anything above your current level, you’d never learn to do new things. There’s plenty of people here to help you out if you need it. Good Luck!