It’s very quiet in here today…where is everyone?

I was thinking the same thing! I haven’t been a big chatter in here, just a prowler, lol, but I’m coming out of the background now :slight_smile:

How quiet is it? Can you hear a knitting needle drop?
I thought it was a quiet weekend too.
I’m working on clearing clutter today. I have some stuff ready to go to the thrift store and cleaned some crap out of a closet. I rewired a lamp too.
Lately everything I knit has too many mistakes, maybe because I’ve been sick with a nasty cold.

Spring is here? Well in some parts. It’s kind of coolish here, but full sun so it feels warmer.

Haha GG! Pretty close and I agree it was a quiet weekend. I doubt it means anything. It just happens sometimes.

It’s been raining all day here. I haven’t actually even knit today. I’ve reading a new Kindle book. :teehee:

Working! This is exciting, because we haven’t really had any work to do for two weeks. Today, working meant defrosting 4 -80 degrees Celcius freezers. All of my fingers are frost bitten! No knitting at work today, we were busy the whole time. Looks like we’ve got about a week to go before our relocation is complete. I can’t wait to actually do science again.

Brrr! What kind of science do you do?

GG: Your post reminded me of my sweet grandmother, who passed away years ago. She was known for doing funny, down-to-earth kinds of things, and your “cleaned some crap out of a closet” would have resonated with her. For example, one of her boxes ended up at our house, which I guess, had at one time stored packing material. Nana had labeled it “packing crap”! Hee!

Well, I have off today. I spent the morning frogging and redoing a hood and button bands on a baby sweater. But it looks good now. Also keeping tabs on the weather. There’s a big snow storm headed our way with 6-12 inches of heavy snow. Affects a four state area. Checking out the weather radar.

I’ve been taking my darling hubby to 2 hospitals and knitting my heart out at both of them… Got my cardigan done… the knitting that is…just have to add the little doodads now.
p.s. Think we may have found a cure… :woohoo:

So glad to hear it. Saying a little prayer for you.

That’s awesome!

Could people have been at Stitches WEST over the weekend? It ran from Thursday, Feb 23, through Sunday, Feb 26, in Santa Clara, California.


That’s possible DCM. It probably wouldn’t account for this much quiet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few went. :wink:

Well, the big snow storm here in my area was a bust. Light rain and snow mix, some slush, but nothing to write home to mother about. Northern Wisconsin got slammed. Crandon, Wisconsin got the worst of it with 23 inches of snow!


I think your storm being a bust is good news? We had a little snow here and it’s still white out. I am ready for spring.

With winter being so strange and mild, who knows what’s going to happen next? Last year we had a tornado one week and a blizzard the next IN APRIL.

I think it was 2 yrs. ago we had a tornado in my area. They are rare in the Pacific Northwest and I’d never been so close to one before. I was in my car in a parking lot and later realized the wind that was so so strong was probably the result of the tornado. It touched down a few miles away. Three or four years ago we had snow around April 20. Right now I feel like I’m going to freeze to death from global warming! I’m not accustomed to “real” winters with lots of snow and freezing weather being the norm.

Sorry for the late reply, it was a busy week. I work in an HIV vaccine research lab! My group does genetic analysis of the HIV genome to study how the virus changes over the course of infection, which gives us an idea of what areas we should try to target with a vaccine.

If anyone is familiar with the study results that were released in 2009 showing the FIRST vaccine to be effective, we were involved in that!

I had to work today. The store started out busy with everybody gearing up for a big snow storm,6-8 inches. When the snow started,everybody went home. Not too many people there and it was boring. If they allowed it, I should have brought my knitting. We’re getting slammed with heavy snow right now. I’m safe and dry at home. Thinking strongly about that Swiss Miss hot chocolate stash up in the cabinet.