Quicl question

I knitted the ipod cozy from the stitch n bitch book and I was wondering about the pattern, something didn’t turn out right for me.

So you start by knitting 10 1/2 inches in stockinette


BO 2 sts, k to end of row (understood that)
BO 2 sts, p 6, BO 2 sts, p to end of row (understood that)
K 6, CO 2 sts, k to end of row (what is this for and do I just cast like I normally do. but right in the middle of the work?)

Thanks in advance

We can’t really tell you what the pattern shapes without a picture. Is it possible there’s a buttonhole? I don’t know how you normally cast on, so I don’t know whether that is the best method. If you are not sure, visualize or try both, and go with the method which gives you the results you like best.


Thank you, I’ll just try it again, hopefully it won’t look so weird next time.

I figured it out, I had twisted my cast on stitches first and that’s why it looked funny. The cast on stitches in the middle of the work provide a hole for the cell phone antenna :aww: Now it all makes since and it is very cute :smiley:

Good work! We look forward to photos