Quickie Xmas Gift Idea

See: http://crazydaisy.us/ Garter No Martyr post. She says that she got the pattern from a book, but she pretty much gives you the instructions in post.

Pretty cool idea and I like the fringe benefits… :wink:

LOL Jan! Very cheeky! This is really an easy project, Jan. You could pull this off!

Oh yeah, I think this one is right up my alley. :roflhard: The socks are making me crazy so I think I’ll try something else new and do that one later. :wink:

Not to hog the thread, but another quick gift I found is the felted clutch from Weekend Knitting…I can’t find a pic of it online, but it’s similar to the one on this blog. (scroll down a little) Only, in the book, they made it with all sorts of different colors, and added some funky yarn in there to spice it up. It’s a good way to use up your wayward not-enough-to-make-something yarn.


P.S. Denise, I got your markers - THANK YOU!! They’re GAWGEOUS!! I :heart: :heart: :heart: them mucho much.

That’s what this thread is FOR, Sharon!

Glad you like the markers!