Quickie Baby Sweater

Here is my first attempt at a sweater, be it an itsy bitsy sweater.

It’s adorable! I love that pattern!

ETA: I keep meaning to ask you…what on earth is your dog doing in your avatar? :??

So pretty!! :slight_smile:

Very pretty and I love this pattern as well. I haven’t found anything that knits up as pretty and is as easy as this pattern.

WOW thats your fist attempt?!?! You did a great job!! it’s so cute! :teehee:


Blacky is laying on a large ottoman which is next to a couch and he’s resting his head on the couch with his tongue hanging out which is how he likes to sleep. Sometimes his tongue get super dry and hard, it’s so funny. My greybaby likes to make us laugh, what can I say.

He’s laying on the couch in the study with me right now, and guess what, his tongue is hanging out.

:heart: That sweater is DARLING!! :heart:
Where did you get the pattern?

That sweater is great! Awesome job!
Is it for a newborn or a larger wee one?
Can you tell us what pattern you used?
I’m thinking maybe I should make a baby one first before starting on one for myself… A little scared…

And your grey is gorgeous! Our borsoi used to sleep with all fours straight in the air too, however no tongue action with her.
Greys are so good at putting smiles on everyone’s face… :slight_smile:

Oh those pictures are hilarious! It doesn’t look comfy to me. So funny that he likes to sleep with his tongue out!

[color=blue]Love it! :heart: (the sweater I mean) but the puppy pics are great too! They have so much personality don’t they?


I got this pattern from the Pattern Forum, someone else posted it when I was looking for something to make for my new born niece.

Quickie Baby Sweater

I just thought it was the cutest thing. I didn’t make the picot edging, I felt it was to bulky. It knits up really quick, I didn’t do it in 5 hours as I took breaks but I did finish it in one day.

Thanks, I love my greybabies, we will always have them in our home, we actually have 4 Retired Greys and some others come and visit while we get them ready for other homes to adopt them. I also do home visits for potential adopters, I really enjoy volunteering knowing I’m making it possible for a grey to be adopted to a good family.

AW - the sweater is great! So cute!!

I love your greys :heart: and wish we could foster as well - maybe someday!

That sweater is gorgeous, good job! I’m going to have twin godchildren in July and have been looking for something easy to do for their first fall/winter. I’m already doing a quilt for each of them, with blocks contributed by several family members… so I didn’t want to take on a huge knitting project as well. Yours looks great!

I can tell Blacky thinks he’s a Yorkie! Very funny picture and again love the sweater!

Dogs are the best. I love those pics. Greys really need all the help they can get. You made my day with those pictures. What a cutie.

And, the sweater is adorable. Is the pattern available?

I’m giving that sweater as a shower gift on Sunday! Different color though… it’s so pretty & easy that I’m thinking of knitting up a whole bunch in different colors & keeping them on hand for when someone has a baby!
Looks SO pretty in that soft pink you used!!

To “I’d Rather Be Knitting”- I got the pattern off of knittingpatterncentral (dot) com, it’s called “Quickie Baby Sweater”

There is a link for this sweater on the first page of this post about half way down.