Quickest Cowl ever

My DD dug up a scarf I abandoned years ago and asked me to please make a cowl for her out of it, soooooo . . . in about 10 minutes I sewed a coupled of buttons on it and voila!! Glad it was so easy to make her happy :^) I can’t even remember the name of the stitch I used.

Here’s a close up of the stitch. If anyone can tell me what they think it is I would be happy to know, considering I wouldn’t be able to duplicate it if I wanted to. :roflhard:

Yes, that is my barren Christmas tree in the background. We trim it tomorrow :wink:

Yay! Isn’t it fun to use your old knitting for something fabulous!

It looks like it could be seed stitch. Good job of recycling old knitting into some new and fashionable.

Oh yummy! Wonderful cowl! Great colorway!!!

Thanks! I know its not seed stitch. Its stretchy and kinda looks like ribbing with a flourish. I realized I forgot to mention the yarn. Its Lion Brand Jiffy in El Paso colorway. I know this because there was a skein in the bottom of my knitting box and I had to break it open to bind off.

ETA - I figured out what I did. Here’s the pattern: R1: yo, k2, pyo both k stitches, repeat; R2: P across. I guess its called bamboo stitch. But I kinda don’t remember it being called that. I think I did it on smaller needles for the yarn.