Quickest cheapest denises?

Where can a friend of mine order them from - where the price is reasonable and she will get quickly? Carole, do you have the sets???



I still have a few!

I can vouch for Carol! She’s speedy and reliable! :heart:

I can vouch for Carol too!

Ok, if she calls me back I will give her your link, Carol!

She has just re-entered world of knitting, particularly felted bags, and the bag she wants to make takes three different cable sizes - sounds like a perfect opportunity for Denises to me!

Hey! I still want to DYE my Denises!

thanks Jan and Sue :blush: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Just send me an email if you need me!

Carol, I told her all about your “service” and how great it was. She has tons of straights back from her earlier knitting days - but not too many circulars. I think some of the new yarns really have her hooked :happydance: I know we all love our addi’s, but the start up cost on them is prohibitive!