Quickbooks Drives Me Crazy!

I’ve used Quickbooks for years to run my small business. It’s a good thing I don’t have many clients and expenditures, because QuickBooks is enough to make me want to get OUT OF BUSSINESS!!!

So what bookkeeping program would you recommend?

Quickbooks Pro? It’s better than QB lite, but maybe that’s the version you already have.

Have you tried getting help at:

I’ve had some of my questions answered there.

Yes, QB Pro. Yes, I’ve tried that site but I’ve had it! Accounting is definitely not my forte, but I hate the program, it has things showing as not being paid, which were, and I can’t delete them, etc.:hmm: That’s just the tip of my iceberg!

I switched from Quickbooks to a Microsoft product. I no longer have the software so I don’t remember the name of the product but I believe it was in the Microsoft Money line. Something like Microsoft Money and Small Business. It wasn’t perfect for my business as I had a plant nursery and a number of products were bought in bulk, such as the soil, fertilizer and was hard to quantify in the total price of product. I did find it easier to adapt to my needs and a lot easier to understand and correct.
It was nice to print out a page to take to the accountant and know that it was accurate. I found Quickbooks overly complicated and I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money to take classes in how to use it.

Sounds like me. I wouldn’t mind even if QB had things I didn’t need, as long as it was so overcomplicated for the things which I do!:nails:

For now I’m using just Excell, I’m still searching! Thanks for the input!