Quick yarnee poll

artyarns merino handpaints or malabrigo worsted merinos? which is nicer (soft to knit and wear)
edited to add-and price wasnt a factor :teehee:

to be fair i have never used the other but for some reason it sticks out in my head that artyarns was much more expensive… i can’t remember for sure.

bump :eyebrow:

I haven’t used the Artyarns, but it appears to be more plied, or twisted, than the Malabrigo, which changes the look of what you have. It is gorgeous, though. I noticed that a Mmmm scarf I was wearing the other day is still as soft as buttah, but is getting pilly–something to consider.

I say buy both. :teehee:

I really like the artyarns but, I know you’ll find this hard to believe, I’ve never actually seen Mmmm…

I’ve knit with Artyarns Supermerino, but not Malabrigo.

On the skein, the Malabrigo feels softer than the Artyarns. But I can’t speak for the feel of the knit, but I’d guess the Malabrigo feels softer.

BUT the Supermerino is superwash, unlike the Malabrigo. That might be a consideration, depending on what project you have in mind.

I have to choose!?! That’s impossible!!!

Honda of Canada Manufacturing

It hurts less if you pad the wall with malabrigo! that’s what I have been working on…it’s great! :teehee:



Malabrigo is softer, plus you get more for the money. They typically cost the same, but you get almost twice the yardage with Malabrigo.

Both will show cables nicely. Both are gorgeous to look at. Both are soft enough to wear against the skin (or pad the walls with :teehee: ). So really, you can’t go wrong with either. I like Malabrigo better, but that’s just me. I like the colors better for garments.