Quick way to add pizzaz to flip-flops

See half way down this page? Someone used eyelash yard and an i-cord directly onto the flipflops. I agree that it would be a nice inexpensive gift for a little girl and just a fun thing to do for a pool party and so on:

I might make a pair for myself! :LOL:

Oops I mean :rofling:

Aww this little 9 year old girl at my LYS is taking knitting lessons and she’s making a couple pair of those. It’s so adorable! And we were talking about knitting as I was shopping for some yarn during her class time and she was trying to help me out and give me knitting advice. She was like Have you made a scarf? You could do that. Or, you could make some awesome flip flops like I am! Here’s what you need…
So I know all about how to make me some knitted flip flops! lol I agree, it’s a very good project to give to young girls, and also to get them inspired to learn to knit their very own cool project!

Sweet. I should have saved it but I saw a craft or knitting project the other day that converted flip flops to shoes with sides etc. Novel.

The flip flops would be a great first item for a starter. :slight_smile: