Quick sock help

I’ve got the leg of my sock almost done. The pattern says to divide the 30 stitches on one needle evenly onto two needles. Do I just slip them over onto another needle? No knitting it onto the next needle right?

How do you know which side of the fabric is the right side and which side is the wrong side?


Yep, just slip 'em on over. The RS of your work, in stockinette stitch at least, is the side where you do knit stitches. The purl side is the wrong side. Are you doing stockinette, or something else?

[b][color=indigo]If, when you come across the terms “right” side and “wrong” side, substitute the word “public” for “right”. So the “right” or “public” side would be the side the whole world can see.

The beginning of the round will be in the center of the heel flap. So make sure your working yarn is 1/4 the number of the total number of sts to the right of the beginning of the round as you rearrange your sts.[/color][/b]