Quick sock chart question

I got the fall/winter sock yarn sampler from Knit Picks that comes with 6 patterns. I want to make the Oct one for my sister, whose b/day is Oct 23. :slight_smile: I just want to check before I start that I know how to read the chart correctly. It’s numbered 1-89, starting at the bottom right. The numbers are all up the right side of the chart. I’m thinking since this is in the round, I’ll start at the bottom right, and work each round from the right side, going up the chart. Right?

Yep. A chart is a graph of your knitting as seen from the RS and knitting in the round you’re always knitting on the RS.

one thing to consider though is if you are knitting toe up or top down. Make sure the chart is orientated the right way round for your kntting so that the pattern comes out correct.

Oops, posted a question then found an extra legend. Nevermind! CN = cable needle, duh. Just realized that.