Quick , simple question about this pattern

Here’s a few lines from the fingerless glove pattern I am doing:

Thumb Gusset:

Rnd 1: P1, [inc 1 by knit in front and back of next st] twice, p1, knit to end of rnd.
Next 4 rounds: Knit all knit sts and purl all purl sts as they appear
Next rnd: P1, inc 1 in next st, knit 2 sts before next st, inc 1 in next st,k2, p1, knit to end of rnd

My question is about the purl sts, does it seem like, since it keeps going in this pattern, that the thumb gusset will have two lines of purl sts on either side, or will the thumb gusset be all purled? I think this means that it will have two lines of purl sts, but I want to make sure.

Sounds like it to me.

I was about to give up hope on a second opinion - thanks :cheering: I’ll continue on now :smiley: