Quick shrug/bolero-type top

I hope I explain this properly. My 3-yr old takes ballet, and the scoop neck of her leotard leaves a good portion of her throat/top of her chest bare. She complains that she is cold by the end of her lesson.

The shrugs/boleros I have seen so far all seem to leave the throat area pretty bare, which would be pointless. Does anyone have a suggestion (or maybe a pattern I’ve missed)? A pattern for thinner wool would also be great, but I’ll take what I can get!

Ohhhhh I think THIS would be adorable and I love their patterns!

This one could be adjusted…longer sleeves, higher neck maybe?

This one is cute, too. The neck is a little low, but I think you can just CO less and make it higher and make it shorter to accommodate the leotard.

I missed that one in Lion Brand…I thought I looked at them all. I actually like another one in your last link…I’m not to good at altering patterns, but the Daisy Cardigan looks easier to me. Could be wrong, but I figure I’ll go with my intuition!

If anyone has other suggestions, I won’t be starting until January, and maybe I’ll make her 3 or 4 all different LOL

Tater’s Cotton Cardi? That one has sizes 2/4/6 so you shouldn’t need to alter much if at all. It’s a seamless pattern so it should be very easy. You could make it shorter like a little shrug and it would be perfect and adorable!

I’m not sure about your reference to Daisy Cardigan… the only Daisy one I know is on Knitty from Yarn Harlot. That is an infant cardi and would need altering.

There’s a Daisy Cardigan on a link on the same page as the Tater Cardi. It is knit from the top down, so I could just stop at the length I want (I suppose). It is also seamless. Here is the link, although it is also on the page you posted above


Oh I see! Well, both are knit from the top down and come in a range of sizes so you can take your pick. Both are very cute. :wink: