Quick short row question

I am making the dead fish hat and it uses short rows for shaping. I was given the link to the wrap and turn method on Knitty but I am slightly confused, the firections tell me to k27, W&T. then the next row is a WS row in which I P9 and W&T. Now, I know how to do the W&T for the RS, do I slip the stitch knitwise when I am working on a purl row or do I still slip it purlwise for all rows regardless of whether I purled or knit?

I am not all that experienced but just happened to have done this last night. I wrapped in the direction I would be knitting (or purling). It worked perfectly, but I have a feeling it may not matter.

I’m not sure it matters either, but generally you would slip purlwise for a stitch you’re not going to work again until another row.