Quick scarf poll

making a plain scarves for my nieces using one strand of sensations boucle yarn and a strand of red heart super saver…so, which size needle?

With 2 stranded yarn, you’re going to have to go to a larger size, otherwise it would be too stiff. Why don’t you knit a sample in the 2 largest sizes and see how you like them. Apparently you don’t have size 11 needles. They would actually be about right, 11s or 13s. Or even 15s. I like big needles. :teehee:


lol yeah i have a limited supply… :teehee: i am thinking the 13 us would be best…but i wanted some advice from all of you much more experienced knitters! :notworthy:

boucle + worsted will be pretty thick… I voted 13. :slight_smile: