Quick Ravelry Question

If someone is NOT as Ravelry member, can they click on a Ravelry link that I post over here at KH…and actually view the Ravelry page?

Are non-Ravelry members barred [U]from viewing[/U] anything on Ravelry?

I know they can’t post or participate…but I’ve never known about their [U]ability to view[/U] stuff.

Ravelry is a hard website to navigate when you need a specific answer to a question like this.

Thanks for your help!

BTW: if you are a non-Raveler, click THIS LINK and see what you get. You should get a page for a yellow Tempting II sweater project.

I can’t click on ravelry links at work (well i can click on them but they don’t go anywhere) but I would guess the best bet, for a semi-quick answer, would be to log out of ravelry and then click the link to see what happens. Might have to clear cookies too, but i would think logging out, and perhaps restarting the browser window should be enough.

No, if they aren’t Ravelry members they can’t see anything. I look for patterns on Rav, but then find the outside link. If it’s a Rav download they are out of luck. :shrug:

They are planning on going to where you can view even if you aren’t a member some day. That’s when they come out of Beta. You’ll have to be a member to have a notebook or post, but you supposedly will be able to view patterns, photos, forum posts, etc. There’s debate as to what will be viewable, but that’s a whole 'nother can of worms I’m not going to open ;).


I was able to see the link when logged in to Ravelry. I then cleared all my cookies, closed browser, then reopened it and clicked on your link. It takes me to the login page, so it appears you can only see it if you are a member logged in. I hope that helps :wink:

I am still waiting for my Ravelry invite and I can see nothing except the login page when I click links. Makes me so sad!!!

I watch the twitter feed every day for mention of Ravelry mostly just to stalk other twitter knitters and came across this:


which has Ravelry as #5 in the top 10 of webapps. What’s funny is that the geeks that actually follow that site, are absolutely baffled and have no idea what Ravelry is. The fact that it isn’t even out of beta yet makes for it being #5 an amazing thing, by my estimation! :thumbsup:

That’s what I do too. You have to be a Rav member to view any pages on the site, except the front.

You can click on a link on the front page that takes you where you put in your email address and you can see how many still ahead of you. They’re doing about 700 a day, so you can estimate how many days left until your invitation.

I also think this is amazing!!! Ravelry is only a few back from Flickr and Facebook! Holy cow - incredible!