QUICK QUICK Gift for 14 yr old girl

got any ideas??? :?? :?? :?? :pout: :pout:

how about a colorful and fashionably long scarf with matching hat? Or I am a big fan of the ear warmer headbands - keep your ears warm without the threat of bed head.

Fetching gloves seem to be a great hit with a 14 yr. old I gave a pair to. I just finished another pair for her and now she has placed an order for another pair in her school colors!

Pattern on knitty.com

Calorimetry from Knitty is another good one - but don’t cast on the 120 stitches the pattern suggests. Try 80 or so stitches.

if u want it to be REALLY quick, i suggest u make her a couple of headbands with this stitch pattern: http://www.sheeptoshawl.com/charity/archives/2006/11/entry_221.html

cast on about 6 to 8 sts and i’d say ur good to go! :wink: