Quick Question

I’m working on Cardigan to Love. This is my very first cardigan, and I’m doing pretty well so far, just got done with the sleeves. :slight_smile: I came to the part where you start working on the cardigan, and I’m a bit confused by these instructions:
[B]BODY (Worked in one piece to underarms): Cast on
206 (233, 260, 287, 314) sts. Do not join. NOTE: Slip the
first st of EVERY row as if to Purl. This slipped st is part
of the 3 sts of Garter st at each front edge. Knit 4 rows.[/B]
Now I understand that I’m to slip the first step purlwise. What I’m confused about is when it says at the beginning of a row to knit 4 or 3, am I to slip the first stitch and then knit 4 stitches, or am I to count the slipped stitch as a knit stitch, and then knit 3? Probably I totally silly question, but I just want to make sure I have it right before I go on. I don’t want to get to the end of a row of 260 stitches only to realize I did it wrong lol. Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

The slipped stitch [B]is part of the … Garter st [/B][B]at each front edge. [/B]So it is counted as part of k3, or k5 or k4…

Ok thanks. That’s what I was thinking that meant, but I just wanted to make sure