Quick question

Im looking at knitpicks to make a Christmas list for myself. I want a sock knitting book. I was wondering what size dpns socks are usually knitted on, or does it vary? I need to tell my husband what sizes I may need. Thanks for your help. Oh the book is “Teach yourself visually sock knitting” in case any one has it they may know what needle sizes it calls for. :knitting:

Oh yeah, I also want to get yarn, so do you know what kind of yarn I should use for patterns in this book? What weight? Thanks guys

For knitpicks yarn, look at the fingering weight, most of their yarns in that range are for socks. Socks can be knitted on size 0 to 3, it depends on your gauge.

While it is a poor worker that blames his tools (for poor performance)–Good workers deserve good tools.

good quality knitting tools make it easier to do good quality work.

Go for broke–as for the whole set of Knit Pick’s Harmony interchagable needles, --and the extra small sized that are not included…

ask for double of the small size, (med length)and for a few extra long (40 inch ones)

then you can knit your socks 2 on 2 (mediums) (sizes 0 or 1, or 2 or 3)
or 1 (or 2) magic loop–(again from size 0 to size 3)

Women (as a general rule) don’t invest in the best… but its worth it!

sock yarn comes in a range of prices… as little as $3 a skein (2 skiens need) to $15 a skein (2 skeins needed!)

the more expensive yarn is prettier…(a bit softer, but mostly just prettier.

some cheap sock yarn (lion brand (about $10 for enough for a pair) is splittee… but then so is some expensive yarn!

Patons krow is a bit splitty… (about $5/2 skeins required)

Coats & Clarks new Heart & Sole is about the same price (a bit less splitty)

Koigu is less splitty (and has beautiful colors-not that LB, paton and C &C don’t but hand painted yarn is far and way prettier…and about 3 times the price!)

Workmanship counts almost as much as materials… ( i make beautiful socks with LB, Paton and C&C yarns!)

For my socks, I usually prefer the knitted fabric made by using size 1 or 1.5 DPN’s with fingering weight yarn.

Thanks for all your recomendations, Im gonna ask for the harmony wood dpn set, I already have the Denise interchangable set, and some self striping fingering weight yarn. and a bunch of books!! I hope I get them… Thanks again=)

Just a thought- if you use dark yarn, you might have a hard time seeing tiny dark stitches on skinny dark needles. I have one set of harmony dpns and I had such a hard time seeing the stitches that I switched to the knitpicks nickle-plated dpns. (and then I switched to knitpicks nickle-plated long circs for magic loop, but anyway…).

Do you think the stitches accidentally slip off the nickle plated easier then the wood? I used some aluminum (I think) needles when I first started knitting but quickly learned that wood or bamboo is nice, and not so slippery. But have never used nickle so not sure how they feel. Thanks for your help. :knitting:

I prefer the Knitpicks nickel plated dpn’s to any bamboo needles I’ve used for socks, and the points on the nickel ones are great.

I bought the Options dpn set and I love them. Once I get a few stitches on the needle I don’t have any problem with them slipping off. I use mostly the 2, 2.25 and 2.5 mm sizes for socks.