Quick question

So does anyone else have trouble remembering what you just knitted? If it is purl or knit? I just do not know how to look at my project and know if I knitted or purled and I always mess up my project. Any easy helpful hints or tips??

The way I can tell (if doing stocking stich -knit one row, purl the next), is if the “flat” side is towards me, then I have to knit, if it’s bumpy, I have to purl.

If I’m at the start of a pattern and ribbing, then I may end up guessing for a bit and keeping very careful count until there’s enough knitting done for me to read the stitches.

But I think the general thing is, if you look at your stich that you’re about to knit, if the stich is like ^ then you have to purl and if it’s a v then you knit.

The best thing I can tell you is to learn what the stitches look like. Then it’s very easy to tell what you were doing. Here’s a sample I did a while back.

I can get confused when I’m doing more complicated patterns and I’ve forgotten how many I’ve done. But even if the last row doesn’t give me any hints because of the pattern, you can still see those bumps and Vs that Jan has in her photo.

Since I’m pretty new to knitting I have trouble remembering too, especially if it’s not just a simple stocking pattern. And when I put it down for a while I get confused. What I do is keep a tally in a little notebook. That way when I pick it back up, all I have to do is see what row I’m on and can usually figure it out from the pattern.

The thing that finally helped it “click” with me how to identify the knits and purls is this little visual.

If you picture the loops of your stitches over the needle as a head, then the knits look like the “person” is wearing a scarf. If it’s a purl, it looks more like a noose (see Jan’s picture and you’ll see what I mean).

The purls have that little “bump” (like a noose) facing you, while the knits have the “v” (like a scarf ).

The most amazing moment I’ve had with regard to knitting was when I realized that I could look at it and “read” the stitches and know the knits from the purls.

It just sort of happened one day. You’ll get there too, it just takes time (and a really repetitive pattern).

Ditto what Mason said, it took me quite a while before I could “read” my stitches … but one day it just happened! It was awesome and makes life so much easier now. Hang in there, you’ll get it.

yup i was the same. i check all the time what im doing.

Im working with a really fuzzy yarn right now that i cant see what was knit and what was a purl row, its now fun to work with. i have ended up re writting the pattern and at the end of each row i write if its a knit or purl row. thankfully theres not much to each section.

Prehaps that could work until you learn to read it. it will happen it just takes time practise and as mason said a good old repetative piece of work :knitting: .