Quick Question

Does knit double 2x2 rib mean k2, p2 repeated or does it mean 2 rows of K and 2 rows of p?

the fact that it says double confuses me.

The fact that is says rib makes me believe that it would be k2,p2. Without seeing more of the pattern I can’t be sure.

I’d say 2 X 2 rib is k2, p2. Knitting 2 rows and then purling 2 rows, won’t give you ribbing, but rather horizontal stripes.

I would say that if it said knit double, then it means knit it twice. so k2p2 twice?

PATTERNS! Aaargh! :doh:

I swear, we need a Passport and Language Lessons to visit the Land of Patterns! :happydance: